Peace is Restored

Bob is a stinky man. He is standing on the corner outside the convenience store. Bob is a transient man.

Janet is walking to work. She has a very difficult job. Janet often wonders why she is alive.

Bob sees Janet walking down the street. She is wearing professional attire—she is attractive. Bob whistles and shouts, “Hey, baby! Give us a smile!”

Janet looks at the sidewalk and increases her pace. She feels like she has been touched by slimy things. She does not know why people expect smiles from her all the time.

“A smile wouldn’t kill ya!” posits Bob.

Then a Public Social Environment Maintenance Assistant™ floats in from the shadows above and approaches Bob. It is black and very insectoid. Its tendrils snake out and wrap around Bob’s waving arms and neck.

Bob forgot the rules!

Bob looks surprised and wiggles as he is lifted carefully inside the Behavior Correction Chamber™ of the PSEMA™ to be vaporized.

Janet smiles. She gives the friendly PSEMA™ a thumbs up as Bob’s vapor puffs out the rear vents.

The droid floats back up into the shadows above, and Janet walks to work.